Photo credit: Caiti Borruso

About me:

I am a music researcher focused on new audio synthesis techniques for music composition. I have developed  algorithms for sound crafting using neural network synthesizers and developed a framework for integrating existing neural network models into sound synthesis programs such as Max/MSP and Supercollider. I am interested in developing new time- and frequency-domain synthesis algorithms and incorporating them into synthesis systems and experimental music composition and performance.

Currently, I work in the Computer Music program at the University of California San Diego as a PhD student. I previously earned a Master of Music degree from NYU's Music Technology program, a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Colorado State University.

In the summer of 2022, I will be joining the Audio and Acoustics Group at Microsoft Research as a Research Intern. Previously, I worked as a contract Audio DSP Engineer at Newfangled Audio and as a software engineer at Microsoft and Google.

For more details, please see my CV.


Personal: jeremy (dot) hyrkas (at) gmail (dot) com

Academic: jhyrkas (at) ucsd (dot) edu