On Vibrato and Frequency (De)Modulation in Musical Sounds
Jeremy Hyrkas, Tamara Smyth.
Accepted to DAFx 2024. Forthcoming.

Algorithms for Roughness Control Using Frequency Shifting and Attenuation of Partials in Audio
Jeremy Hyrkas.
Accepted to CMMR 2023 (presentation).

Spatialized Audio and Hybrid Video Conferencing: Where Should Voices be Positioned for People in the Room and Remote Headset Users?
Jeremy Hyrkas*, Andrew D. Wilson*, John Tang, Hannes Gamper, Hong Sodoma, Lev Tankelevitch, Kori Inkpen, Shreya Chappidi, Brennan Jones.
* indicates equal contribution to work
Accepted to CHI 2023 (presentation).

WaVAEtable Synthesis
Jeremy Hyrkas.
Accepted to CMMR 2021 (presentation).

Network Modulation Synthesis: New Algorithms for Generating Musical Audio Using Autoencoder Networks
Jeremy Hyrkas.
Accepted to ICMC 2021 (presentation).

MusicDB: A Platform for Longitudinal Music Analytics
Jeremy Hyrkas, Bill Howe
Accepted to ISMIR 2016.

Scalable Clustering Algorithms for Continuous Environmental Flow Cytometry
Jeremy Hyrkas, Sophie Clayton, Francois Ribalet, Daniel Halperin, E. Virginia Armbrust, Bill Howe
Published In Bioinformatics 32 (2016)

Time-Varying Clusters in Large-Scale Flow Cytometry
Jeremy Hyrkas, Daniel Halperin, Bill Howe
Accepted to IAAI 2015

Gaussian Mixture Models Use-Case: In-Memory Analysis with Myria
Ryan Maas, Jeremy Hyrkas, Olivia Grace Telford, Magdalena Balazinska, Andrew J. Connolly, Bill Howe
Accepted to IMDM@VLDB 2015

Compiled Plans for In-Memory Path-Counting Queries
Brandon Myers, Jeremy Hyrkas, Daniel Halperin, Bill Howe
Accepted to IMDM@VLDB 2013